Purchaser village pub drinking pig as a gift


Buyer is offered for sale in the Australian pub village Peyngana receive in addition a local attraction pig Pinky. That was what the lady drinking establishment Ann Frey, who is forced to give up his bar and a pig because of a change of residence. She moves in with her children and can not take your pet with you.

For this reason, the new owner as the load will get a pig Pinky. This "swinish gift" in any case, should not frustrate the potential buyer village pub. On the contrary, the pig may be the key to a successful business.

The fact that Pinkie has long been the main attraction of the institution and to look at it is visited by people from different parts of Australia. Pig became famous in the whole district to their gregarious nature and a passion for beer. She is always happy to respond to the offer to skip a bar mug of beer and gladly accepts a treat. People lined up to spend time in the company of a good-natured pig and drinking establishment makes a profit from the influx of visitors and sales of beer.

On materials: Umerlakorova.ru

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