The Irish have observed an unusual drop in the space object


Residents of Ireland last Friday was lucky to witness the flight of an unusually bright meteor.

Amateur astronomers admit that it was the entrance to the waste stage rocket into the atmosphere, then they do not understand the unusual direction of flight of stars - from east to west, because all the artificial space objects usually fly one way from west to east with the direction of rotation of the Earth.

"I’ve watched seven sites - the first and most striking was comparable in brightness to the ISS, and all other objects were less bright, they flew after the glow of a yellow-orange hue," - said in a specialized astronomical sending an amateur astronomer Leo Enright.

Stunner Enright observed in the vicinity of Dublin on Friday evening at 21.58 GMT. What he saw was similar to the normal decline stage of the rocket, as the Irish. However, the objects were moving the chain from east to west.

A resident of the Netherlands Ramon van der Hilst almost at the same time - at 21.54 GMT-watched enough "bright green object that was flying almost horizontally in the direction from east to west."

According to the information of astronomers, data validation system for satellite tracking U.S. Strategic Command, as well as a number of other sources indicated that no information about the possible entry of any space objects in Earth’s atmosphere is not.

Amateur astronomer Tony Beresford noted that the subject’s movement from east to west means that it must have a retrograde orbit with an inclination of about 126 degrees. Satellites of this type is very small.

David Jordan, a resident of Dublin, reported that he saw what appeared to be "entry in the moon’s atmosphere."

"Driving through a brightly lit street, located in the southern part of Dublin, I saw what appeared to be fireworks. However, a second later I saw the main car, which flew for another 3-4 smaller car. They were moving much slower than a typical meteor fireball. Moving from east to west, meteors disintegrate into fragments, leaving dozens of smoky trails in the dark sky, "- said Jordan.

Professional astronomers, including participants, network monitoring meteors Irish Armagh Observatory recorded using specialized automatic cameras overnight flight unusual car.

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