British student remembers all the events of the past


Outside the Aurelian Hayman from the UK is no different from the other 20-year-old boys - students at Durham University. Here are just a perfect memory of this young man can "compete" with all the information carrier, after Hayman, belonging to the 20-ke elected to a monolithic memory, can tell as they are almost all that happened to him before.

This phenomenon is called gipertimeziya (the so-called sverhpamyat) and Aurelian until one in the whole of Britain has such an incredible syndrome.

Although a clear statement about memories on every day of his life a student does not, he knows that full and rapid reproduction is possible only with the events of his 14-year-olds.

To reveal the extraordinary abilities Hayman Head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Hull, Professor Giuliana Mazzoni conducted some tests on a reconstruction of certain events. Questions about what was in a particular period of time, the student passed the talk surrounding, weather information, news feeds, and even the little things - like who was dressed and eating. At the thought of a particular day of the British immediately defined it as a day of the week.

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