British scientists have presented a portrait of a man of the future


Portrait reflecting the appearance of people who will be living on the earth a thousand years, was unveiled on Saturday by the British media. Image that is very different from the usual over the appearance of modern man, was constructed on the basis of predictions made by several experts in anatomy.

External features of the human body and the future will be mainly described decreasing number of teeth, the size of the brain cavity and elongation largely hands and fingers. In the list of physical differences between people in the future from today also included higher average -1,83-2,13 meters.

A similar trend is linked to the serial "better nutrition and the rapid development of medicine." "Today, the average American is above 2.54 cm than in 60 years" - said Harry Trainer, a British osteopath. Human Intestine future becomes shorter to therethrough body received less fat and sugars. This will serve as a natural defense against obesity, says Philip Stemmer, a London dentist. He believes he can cut and the number of teeth as soft foods require less intensive chewing.

It is assumed that if a man’s fertility will continue to decline, gonads representatives of a strong half of humanity somewhat reduced. After a millennium of people will be much easier to reach for necessary items because of "radical extension" of hands and fingers, according to specialists. Furthermore, by which nerve greatly increase "use by extending the number of devices requiring a rather complicated coordination and hand-eye". It should be noted that the latter also increase in size to compensate for the reduction in the mouth, "communication will take place through facial expressions and eye movements." However, the size of the brain in humans will drop slightly, according to experts.

It is expected that this will be due to the following factors: "most of the work of remembering and thinking about computers would perform." "Usually, the heroes of science fiction - the people of the future with big brains, however, a large brain is not necessarily better", said Chris Stringer, a member of the London Natural History Museum.

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