Boring non-sexual men provoke bitchiness in women


The scientists found that in the period of ovulation in women’s behavior is largely dependent on her partner’s sexuality.

Experts from the University of California conducted a study in which 41 were watching a woman who was a long time in a heterosexual relationship. Experiment, participants were asked to rate the sexual attractiveness of their satellites, the quality of their intimate relationships, career prospects partner and its financial position. The surveys were conducted at different stages of the menstrual cycle participants.

As it turned out, assessing the quality of close relations in the period of ovulation is directly related to how much they are sexually attractive. Women whose partners in terms of sex were the least attractive, evaluated them by one point lower than normal. While the ladies with more sexy men raised during their ovulation for 1 extra point of their evaluation in terms of sex.

The experiment was conducted by researchers at the secondary 67 other women. Now, however, the participants were asked to cycle at different stages to evaluate the nature of their sexual partners. Thus, the results showed that the smaller the degree of male sexuality, the more ovulating thereto occurs claims from female. And vice versa: the power of positive emotions increase in women during ovulation when the partner sexually attractive.

The researchers argue that this is the result of an evolutionary process that is used to allow a woman to choose to conceive a sexual partner with a large genetic potential. This potential is expressed externally in the form of a deep voice, a little rough masculine appearance, dominant behavior.

"In the past, at least, these figures indicate the presence of a man of good genes - said Marty Haselton, the head of the project. - However, while women tend to a stable relationship and are forced to compromise." This duality of feminine nature has destabilizing effects on the relationship of women to men less sexy appearance ", - concluded the researchers.

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