"Tear and throw away" - the best way to get rid of dark thoughts


Not sure how to get rid of dark thoughts? Tear up and discard. Such advice seriously give psychologists from the University of Madrid and the Ohio, as reported by the National Science Foundation. This was the first of its kind pilot study in which this issue has been studied.

Results of studies have confirmed that if all the experiences and unpleasant thoughts written down on a piece of paper and then tear it up and throw it away, you can make real psychological relief. Conversely, if you suddenly visited by inspiration, and you wrote it, and the record saved, then it will be much easier to play it, even without resorting to the recordings you made.

"The method of marking their thoughts as garbage or something of value is important, apparently, to use them in the future", - stated Richard Petty, co-author of the study from the United States. In his opinion, this confirms that to the thoughts embodied in the words, it can be treated as material objects.

"We found that it really works. Throwing or physically keeping your thoughts, you can directly affect the subsequent handling. Performing this manipulation only in the imagination of such an effect does not "- identified Petty.

According to the press release, the case studies were carried out on hundreds of pupils and students in Spain. They were asked to write down their thoughts about their appearance - in one case, and delicious food - in the other. Half of the participants threw his notes, while the other half were stored. In an additional experiment manipulations were performed not only on paper and on the computer screen. The results in all cases were similar, with heavy dark thoughts assailed those who "threw" them to a lesser degree, the positive was much easier to use to those who "saved."

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