Experts urge people to pay less attention to the magnetic storms


People should pay less attention and do not take to heart the information about the solar magnetic storms in order to avoid problems with the state of health that are caused by auto-suggestion, said Gennady Eliseev, who is deputy director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center for Science.

"The sun is still active, magnetic storms are frequent enough, but my opinion - it is worth to pay less attention to avoid self-hypnosis" - Elisha said at a press conference.

Magnetic storms, according to him, of course, affect the operation of electronic equipment, but the scientific evidence of their significant influence on the health and well-being of people is very small.

"It’s more may be due to auto-suggestion," - said Elisha.

The last strong magnetic storm on Earth was recorded on November 14, along with the total solar eclipse, in general, the researchers describe Sun abnormally quiet: they note that shone through the calendar came to a peak of activity, but such manifestations of solar activity, as flares, coronal mass ejections are not short of the expected level several times. Such low solar maxima were observed for about 200 years in the sun.

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