Leaders in the positive emotions were Latinos


More often than not in a good mood are residents of El Salvador, Panama, Paraguay. Such conclusions were made by specialists of the company on the basis of the results of Gallup poll conducted in 2011 in 148 countries.

Researchers in telephone conversations and personal conversations asked people about how they went yesterday, asking questions of the type: "Did you have a lot of fun?" "Did you feel rested enough?" "Does yesterday to you with Yours? "," How often do you laugh or smile, "and" Did you learn anything interesting or have mastered some interesting work? ".

Overall, 85 percent of respondents worldwide said that they were treated with respect. Of those, 72 percent told that a lot of laughing and smiling, the same number of respondents had a good rest, and the whole day felt happy 73 percent. However, only 43 percent of the world’s population discovered something interesting on the eve of the poll, or learned something interesting.

The list of positive ranking leaders of countries included seven of which are located in Latin America. In addition to the three mentioned above, this is Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Also in the top ten included Trinidad and Tobago, the Philippines and Thailand.

The lowest position in the ranking of 148 countries took Iraq, Singapore, Armenia. Not often experience positive emotions and people still countries like Georgia, Serbia, Yemen, Belarus, Madagascar, Lithuania and Togo.

Russia was not included in the first hundred of the leading countries in the number of positive emotions, taking place immediately after Iran, Algeria and Bangladesh, is located closer to the end of the list.

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