Back to work, people will beets and comfortable clothing


Enter into a rut after working long holidays is never easy. Nevertheless, it is impossible to avoid. But the transition from revelry to work, people were not too sharp, try to follow a few simple tips psychologists.

During the first three days after the holidays, chances are you’ll experience apathy. This serious condition can be alleviated if in the first week after the operation to make daily half-hour walk, and the house set aside time for the soul: reading, drawing, watching movies, going to the movies, skating, or meditation. That is, try to gradually adjust to the working mood. Suppose that after working in the office real pleasure hobby. This will be a kind of relaxation and can help relieve stress, according to experts.

On the first day of work, and the day before the start of the work week is recommended to drink more water and herbal infusions that cleanse the body of toxins. And once a day to eat beets, as it holinosoderzhaschy product and a great anti-depressant.

Experts often recommend to prepare a salad of fresh beets, for example, cheese, seasoned with sunflower oil or olive oil. But the use of large quantities of a product such as a banana should be abandoned: the oxidation product, there can be no more than one or two a day.

In the first week postprazdnichnuyu better to give up alcohol because its so there was too much during the holidays. Fatty foods also better to eat as little as possible.

As for the clothes, for maximum comfort on the first working day, experts recommend to wear something simple and comfortable, with soft tones predominate.

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