London has hosted the 13th annual event, "Down with pants!"


It all started with a few cheeky antics of pranksters from New York, decided to cheer commuters, which then grew into a share of global importance.

Despite the winter chill hundreds of thrill seekers and unusual entertainment come together to participate in the 13th annual event "Ride the subway without pants in 2013" which was held recently in London and in many other countries around the world.

The essence of the action is to enter the subway without pants, trying to preserve as much as possible outward calm and indifference in response to the surprised and indignant glances. All participants in the event dressed in winter clothing - scarves, hats, jackets, boots - all except his pants! However, they behave as if unaware of each other.

Pranksters sit in the subway car, one for 7 stops, and if any of the passengers asks them a question or make a comment about the lack of pants on them, they respond that they just forgot to put on.

8 comes to a stop at the last party with a large duffel bag, from which he takes his pants, causing confusion for watching.

The only time the action was interrupted in 2006, when eight members were arrested by police in New York. However, the court held that the finding of the citizens in the subway without pants is not sickened by the laws, and the young people were released.

Since then, the annual event has reached almost worldwide: more and more people from different countries willing to take part in it.

In the past year, to get to the subway without pants expressed a desire to tens of thousands of people from 59 cities and 27 countries around the world. In London alone, the rally was attended by over 150 people.

This year’s event was also held in Sofia, Stockholm, Berlin and Beijing.

Original in (English language) Translation: M.Gonchar

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