Sex-based application for social network Facebook has become a hit


The application, developed recently for the social network Facebook, which allows you to openly express their sexual liking, quickly gained widespread popularity among users. It is reported by the magazine The Drum.

Thus, only for the first week of application called Bang with Friends, which means "Sleep with friends" was downloaded more than 20,000 times. As the statistics center applications Facebook, most of the applications of leading Russian mass media were able to score in all of its existence just over 10,000 downloads.

With Bang with Friends Facebook users can now mark among his friends of those with whom they were not averse to sleep. Parting marks manually. The application also informs the user of a happy coincidence - when one of my friends said it marked a user on your list, too.

The purpose of the application, according to the creators, was the desire to help people in such a way to tell the truth about their sexual orientations. In this case, the names of the creators were not disclosed.

Popularity Bang with Friends, as the publication The Drum, has resulted in the emergence of applications-imitators intended for other social networks. Thus, it became aware of the existence of an application called "Sleep with professionals," designed for network LinkedIn.

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