The Netherlands is slowly disappearing under water


Researchers at Delft University of Technology (Technische Universiteit Delft) have expressed their concern over the fact that the Netherlands is gradually sinking under the water.

Previous to this conclusion came, many scientists, and the Dutch government with the support of the EU tried various ways to stop the process. However, recent studies have shown that the accident could not be avoided.

In order to prepare all local residents to the consequences, experts have developed several models, including the possibility of evacuating primarily coastal areas, and then the whole of Holland.

In the process of evacuation may be unforeseen situations that still have to be taken into account. Therefore, experts believe that local people need to develop both primary and alternate evacuation routes, to report accurately the start of evacuation and specify a concrete driveway that can be used, as well as to avoid as far as possible the common and obvious instructions like "go by the shortest road from the flooded place. "

Meanwhile, the question of where to evacuate the whole country is not left open, since it is beyond the competence of scientists studying climate change.

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