In the future, mankind is divided into two subspecies


"After 100,000 years, humanity is divided into two classes: the ruling elite is smart and beautiful and a lower layer of stupid servants," - says the evolution theorist Oliver Curry (Oliver Curry) from the London School of Economics.

Humanity has reached the peak of its development to the year 3000, then there will decline because of excessive human dependence on technology. People will become more selective in the choice of sexual partners, and this will lead to the division of the human species into subspecies.

Genetic descendants of "high-end" will be tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent and creative people, very different from the "lower class", whose representatives will be blunt, stoop-shouldered, goblinopodobnye disgusting creatures.

"Smoothing" differences

"However, in the not-too-distant future (in 1000), people are evolving into two-meter giant, and life expectancy will increase to 120 years" - said Dr. Kerri.Uluchshatsya indicators of health, fertility, and the appearance of man himself. Men acquire a symmetrical facial features, athletic body, square jaw, deep voice and big penises. Women will become more smooth, hairless skin, large clear eyes, large breasts, shiny hair and beautiful facial features. The difference in skin color smoothed out through intermarriage, and will get the coffee hue.

Technology development will leave its mark through 10,000 years. Communication skills with their peers will be lost, to lose the meaning of concepts such as love, sympathy, trust and respect. People will be less concerned about each other and work in teams.

Down with chins

Externally, people will look more youthful. Chins are smaller in size due to the lack of need for a lot to chew on, as food is soft and easily digestible. Perhaps there are problems with health and immunity due to the fact that people will increasingly depend on the medicine. Genetic defects that cause cancer will pass from generation to generation due to the ability to prevent the deaths.

Excessive selectivity in finding sexual partners will increasingly genetic differences between people. The logical result of this will be the emergence of human subspecies type Eloi and the Morlocks predicted by HG Wells in his novel "The Time Machine" back in 1895.

Kerry said that although science and technology can create the perfect habitat for humanity, there is a possibility of significant mutations in the gene for the next thousand years. This is due to over-reliance on human technology, which reduces the natural ability to resist disease, and does not contribute to the development of natural human need to communicate with each other. The popular news portal talk about what’s going on in the world.


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