Ancient sundial found in Egypt


Some of the most ancient sundials were discovered by researchers of the University of Basel in Egypt. The information was published on the website of the university on Thursday.

Age hours, found during excavations at the entrance to one of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, is estimated at 3.3 thousand years. In appearance the discovery is a small limestone disk the size of a saucer, which is drawn divided into 12 equal segments of the semi-circle of black.

Hole depth of 16 cm, located in the center of the disk, obviously, was used for fixing the rod of wood or metal, its shade and allowed the ancient Egyptians to know the time. In the middle of each segment are the marks that denote the half-hour time period.

Archaeologists have found a stone sundial outside the home workers who are in the XIII century. BC engaged in the construction of the royal tombs. According to experts from the Swiss University, ancient clock used by the builders of the tombs for vyschityvaniya time work.

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