Scientists: Early bye associated with alcoholism and exclusion from school


High school students who are paired already in high school, twice as likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and are generally less from education.

A new study by the University of Georgia examined the students have encountered in school. It turned out that this category of students is four times more likely to be excluded from school and twice as likely to abuse alcohol or marijuana.

The lead author of the study, Pamela Orpinas, analyzed 624 students from 6th to 12th grades. Each year, these students completed questionnaires, and their teachers rated their academic performance and their organization.

"Teachers rated above those students who reported the lowest frequency of visits, and the lowest rating ever received students who often go on dates," - said in an article published in Journal of Research on Adolescence.

Other risk factors were baiting, depression, and anxiety that lead to emotional problems and increase the likelihood of such harmful habits like smoking and drinking, and drug use.

A recent study by the University of Toronto showed that children of divorced parents are 13 times more likely to start smoking. This once again confirms the fact that parents should be the role model for young people in the area of relationships and behaviors.


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