Scientists: men are more satisfied with their lives than women


Researchers from the UK have found that in many aspects of modern life the stronger sex experience greater satisfaction than women, reports the publication "Daily Telegraph".

In men, as shown by the results of studies involving subjects of Great Britain, made the organization Benenden Health, has been found to have higher "level of happiness" in seven of the 12 aspects of life.

The list of these vital aspects included: wages, appearance, career prospects, the attitude of other people, body weight, general financial situation, as well as job security.

Women felt happier than the opposite sex in terms of love and intimacy, as well as in terms of health and place of residence.

On average, according to the study, the level of life satisfaction among the adult population of the UK is 64%.

"Given the dismal weather, pessimistic economic forecasts, including financial stringency, yet pleased to find that in most cases, the mood in the UK seem to be quite positive ...", - said Paul Keenan, a researcher from Benenden Health.

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