Meteorite fragments weighing more than 10 kg found 15 km from the Chebarkul


The scientists from the Czech Republic claim that approximately 15 kilometers from the lake Chebarkul, in which on February 15 of this year dropped a big piece of the meteorite, there is at least one more big piece of the car. This was reported by representatives of the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic.

According to estimates of the Institute employees who were among the first to calculate the velocity of a meteorite in the atmosphere, its trajectory is stretched for 254 kilometers. The space object was seen in the bright morning sky at an altitude of about 92 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

The speed of the meteorite was 17.5 kilometers per second. He was flying at an angle of 17 degrees with increasing brightness, which he gave the heated gas. Reaching a height of 32 kilometers above the Earth car began to disintegrate into smaller pieces, leaving a vapor trail dust that remained in the sky for a long time.

The largest fragment weighing 200 to 500 pounds, and size - 0.5 meters, landed on the bottom of the lake Tchebarkul. Small pieces weighing up to several tens of grams crumbled on impact with the ice in the 30 miles between Korkino and Emanzhelinsk. Some have been found by scientists during the expedition.

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