U.S. scientists have proved the authenticity of the "Gospel of Judas"


New research manuscript of "The Gospel of Judas" with the description of a previously unknown version of biblical events was the confirmation of the authenticity of the ancient text.

The Gospel of Judas was discovered by scientists in 2006. In the manuscript, written in the ancient Egyptian language, says that Judas was not a traitor to Christ, but on the contrary - his faithful ally in preparing for the resurrection of the Savior. According to this text, go to the authorities of Judas, Jesus himself asked, hoping for help that he will be provided with the ascension to heaven. In this version, no betrayal, or about 30 srebreniki not mentioned.

In order to determine the authenticity of a team of scientists led by Joseph Baraboi of Illinois analyzed the ink with which the Gospel says, comparing them with the ink on the Egyptian marriage certificate, as well as documents on the property dating from the same period.

In those days, the Egyptians used ink that previously were the special treatment that actually allowed experts to prove - not later gospel fake. And despite the fact that the document is fragmented, its authenticity is not in doubt.

Baraboi and his colleagues specialize mainly on verifying the authenticity of ancient documents, as well as art objects. They often have to help the FBI identify the fake painting. Researchers had previously brought to a clean water several fake "biblical scriptures."

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