Penis size does matter - study


Women may stubbornly argue that their man is most interested in the character, intelligence, appearance, or financial situation. In fact, things are different. The researchers found that it was the size of a man’s penis is most important for the fair sex.

Women of the XXI century, as shown by a new study, very similar to their ancestors who lived in the Stone Age. It was the size of manhood continues to be a major factor in women’s decision when choosing a partner. Penis size allows them to judge the attractiveness of men.

The conclusions of experts based on the information obtained in the course of the experiment, in which more than 100 adult women of different ages and backgrounds have shown a photo with 5145 men. Of all the men in the pictures with the body parts of various sizes, including the intimate, the participants had to choose the most liked.

The results showed that in women with varied preferences you select an image in the figure, while the choice of the size of the penis all the participants were the same. In particular, most of the fair half of mankind opted for the penis larger than average - 13 cm

It should be noted that the results of studies directly contradict the conventional wisdom saying that the size of manhood for most women is irrelevant. Owners of large penises were rated as more attractive participants, however, this appeal began to decline as the penis is beginning to reach a certain size.

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