The oldest fossils found in China


Paleontologists have discovered in China’s earliest collection of fossilized dinosaur embryos in history. Among the findings - dinosaur fossils in various stages of development, which gives scientists a unique opportunity to study the embryonic development of the prehistoric species.

Robert Reitz, a paleontologist at the University of Toronto, Canada, and colleagues, discovered the fossils in the county zavropodomorfa Lufen that date back to the early Jurassic period, 197-190 million years BC. At the site were found egg shells and more than 200 bones.

"Most of our information about the dinosaur embryos based on the late Cretaceous period," - said David Evans, curator of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. "With this study, we were able to see the dinosaur embryos as they were 100 million years before that."

Spectroscopic analysis of bone samples revealed that it is the oldest ever discovered organic materials vertebrates.


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