In China, the tomb of Emperor VII century


Chinese archaeologists in the east China city of Yangzhou was discovered the tomb of Emperor Yan Di, who was the second ruler of the Sui Dynasty. About striking finding reported the Central Chinese Television.

Burial, during excavations which scientists have found many products in copper and jade, is in the urban area of Hanjiang. Currently, archaeologists are collecting additional artifacts to provide more precise confirmation of the tomb of Chinese emperor accessories.

The period of Jan-di - 604-618 years. It was during this period was completed one of the shipping channels in the central part of the country and the reconstructed defensive structure - the Great Wall of China.

Emperor Yang di appears in the local historiography and literature as one of the worst tyrants of his time. Conducting the foreign policy of the Emperor was not successful, and the implementation of large-scale construction projects, often only harmed the welfare of the people.

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