The Dutch are preparing to relocate to Mars


Dutch Organization Mars One reported that it will launch in the near future, the selection of volunteers to create a colony of settlers on the Red Planet.

Overseas land and unexplored continents have always attracted people to him. The thirst for discovery and adventure helped to overcome the obstacles and dangers.

It is not surprising that in the Mars One began receiving applications from volunteers, even though the warning organizations that travelers will not return to Earth.

Volunteers will be selected according to very strict criteria. Candidates must necessarily be people who can easily adapt to the new conditions, strong, persistent and resourceful is important, but also work well as a team. All phases of the project settlement of Mars - the choice of the participants prior to their flight and landing on the planet - will be shown in the format of a reality show.

Bas Lansdorp, one of the founders of Mars One, explained the agency Bi-bi-si why the colonists could never have come back to Earth.

Duration of flight to Mars will reach seven to eight months. The passengers of the spacecraft during this time will have time to lose much of their muscle and bone mass. Volunteers will then Mars, the gravitational field is several times less than on Earth. This factor will also affect the physical state of persons, which means that once again adapt to Earth’s gravity force, they simply will not.

Successful candidates will be expected physical and psychological preparation. Organizers of the project in all its phases will use existing technology.

The solar panels will provide the energy needs of the Martian colonies, the water will be produced on Mars, as well as recyclability use. The colonists themselves can grow your own food. They will also have a certain supply of food in case of emergency.

Additional food reserves will come along with the new colonists that the plan will have to come to the colony every two years.

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