Australian scientists have discovered more than a woman can be conquered


Every third woman draws attention to the odor that emanates from a representative of the stronger sex. Moreover, it is one of the dominant factors influencing the decision of the fairer sex to continue the relationship.

A recent study conducted by Australian sexologists showed that among the more than three thousand of those surveyed only 10% of women reported their indifferent attitude to the way a man smells, just to smell it was not unpleasant.

Meanwhile, 25% of survey participants said that women rarely pay attention to the smell of men.

And 30% of respondents stated that regardless of the kind of relations with the representatives of the stronger sex (work, friendships or intimate) is important to them, how they smell.

Good smelling man, as noted by another 30% of women can be 100% of the cases brought to their attention and interest, beginning a long relationship.

When asked experts what men are more attractive - scented perfume with a pleasant aroma or just natural, but a fetid odor - 70% of respondents said they prefer scented the stronger sex, while 30% made their choice in favor of the natural male scent.

In its report, the researchers noted that in the first few seconds of communication with a man a woman, guided by the smell, on a subconscious level judges about how their relationship will develop in the future. We malodorous men with chances to promising relationships are equal to zero, even if then they might try to improve, the scientists explain.

Women in choosing partners, subconsciously looking for strong, healthy males. And here a bad smell coming from the men could be deterrent for the fairer sex, since these partners may be potential health problems, which makes them a worthy successor to the title race.

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