Life in the Universe originated long before the appearance of the Earth


A new study by geneticist Alexei Sharov, together with the theoretical biologist Richard Gordon of the National Institutes of Health, USA, indicates that the origin of life occurred about 9.8 billion years ago, in another place in the universe. At that time, the Earth did not exist. Our planet appeared about five billion years ago, according to modern scientific version.

Scientists came mainly from the fact that life, eventually taking more and more complex forms, flows according to some law, reminiscent in some ways of Moore’s Law. By unwinding the thread back in time genetic complexity, the researchers can determine when is it that life arose.

In Moore’s Law states, in particular to increase the performance of two computer for every 18 months, which contributes to the exponential growth of technology. These events allow you to talk about the possibilities of future technologies, and to track back in time to the level of computer performance up to the point when the technology was first introduced. So, if we apply Moore’s Law, for example, the exponential growth of transistors on an integrated circuit, the appearance of their matches in 1960.

Geneticist Balls and theoretical biologist Gordon believe that the set period of the origin of life is possible through the study of genetic complexity in the light of Moore’s Law with a return to a certain point of time of origin. In tracing the course of evolution over the past several eras, from simple single-celled organisms to more complex forms, such as for example fish and mammals, the scientists eventually came to the conclusion that the complexity of the genome is not every 18 months increased exponentially doubling. The same way that clearly shows this is not Moore’s Law, but the period was 376 million every year.

Meanwhile, the most curious in this regard that the genome of approximately 9.7 billion years ago, reaching zero with an error of plus or minus 2.5 billion years old. And the Earth, as we know, there are only about 4.5 billion years old. It turns out that life began even earlier and not on Earth, say researchers.

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