Scientists: Robin Hood may have been gay


Scientists from the UK with the help of numerous legends and ballads tried to restore the historical image of Robin Hood. It turned out that he, as a real rebel, did not stick at all the traditions of his time, loved nature, and defended it, and probably was gay.

Andrew James Johnston, a scholar from the University of Berlin, who is convinced that Robin Hood existed in real life, it turned out that the person he was in fact transferred to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. "These recent philological studies indicate that the rebel he was just about the customs and traditions that prevailed in his day. In the forest lived a great hero because he is exactly like his friends, such as nature lovers despise violent city life ", - reported in the study.

According to scientists, most likely, Robin Hood was a representative of non-traditional sexual orientation. In addition, his friends were also gay. "They decided to get rid of so constant persecution of homosexuals, who throughout history have taken place. Young people are really stealing, but not for all the loot then distributed among the poor, and to fund the activities of their society with utopian ideas ", - stated in the study.

Historical hero is really called Robin Hood, I’m sure the scientist. "As a leader, Robin did not command his friends as a dictator" - explains the scientist. "If gay and environmentalist Robin Hood revived today, he would become a fighter against the brutal autocrats, homophobes, and it would need them oppressed peoples," - says Andrea Torkuini journalist, author of the article. "Now for the gay parade marches have another option festive costume" - said in an article published in the Italian edition.

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