World hunger occurs because of the death of bees


The mass death of bees observed throughout the world, can be a real disaster for mankind, scientists say. According to Gilles Ratia, president of the International Congress of the International Federation of Beekeeping Associations Apimondia, the mortality rate of bees now stands at 20-40 per cent.

The value that these insects pose to humans, is not only in their ability to produce honey, but also in the ability to pollinate flowers, flying from plant to plant. In this way bees breeding contribute about 80 percent of different plants in the world and it is, in turn, a third population diet. Therefore, the disappearance of bees could lead to such serious consequences, such as acute shortage of meat and dairy products, and fruits and vegetables.

The main causes of death of insects, according to researchers, are the use of pesticides in farming, monocropping and incorrect methods of beekeeping. The disappearance of bees is also associated with varroa (Varroa Oudemans) - a parasitic mite that destroys these insects.

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