Center of the Earth at 1000 degrees hotter than previously thought


Scientists have determined that the temperature at the center of the Earth is 6000 degrees Celsius, which is 1000 degrees hotter than it has been determined in the previous experiment, which took place 20 years ago. The new values confirm the geophysical model in which the temperature difference between the solid crust and the mantle should be at least 1500 degrees, to explain the presence of the magnetic field of the Earth. Furthermore, the scientists were able to determine why the previous experiment were received too low a value. The results of their study are published in the journal Science April 26, 2013.

Research team led by Agnes Duval technological organization of the French CEA.

To play the temperature at the center of the Earth, the scientists used a diamond camera, to create a pressure of several million atmospheres, and powerful laser beams, which raised the temperature of up to 4,000 or 5,000 degrees Celsius. Studying the aggregate state of iron at different temperatures in the laboratory, one can find the exact temperature within the earth’s core, because the iron under the influence of high temperature and pressure, passes from liquid to solid state.

"We have developed a new technique for determining the solid, molten or partially molten state of a second material by a process called diffraction" - reported by researchers.

Error made in the previous experiment was made through the fault of the optical method for determining the physical state of iron. It appears that the process of crystallization on the surface was interpreted as a meltdown.


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