75-year Harvard study revealed the secrets of happiness


This study is one of the most long-term human development.

This project began in 1938. For 75 years, researchers have studied the life of 268 graduates of Harvard, tracking an incredibly wide range of psychological, anthropological, and physical symptoms, ranging from the type of personality and IQ, ending relationships in the family, habits, and even "long scrotum" in order to identify the factors that are crucial to the happiness of man.

George Vaillant, who was in charge of this investigation for more than three decades, has published a book Triumphs of Experience, which summarizes all the information. Including: "Alcoholism - is rastrojstvo with great destructive power." Alcohol was the main reason for divorce, as well as correlated with neurosis and depression. Along with smoking, strong drinks have become the most important factor for premature death and disease.

It was possible to detect a significant income gap between men with an IQ in the range of 110-115 and men with an IQ higher than 150 points.

One of the most important factors that most strongly correlated with health and happiness, up to a ripe old age, suddenly became warm relationship.

58 men who had the most "warm relationship", earning an average of $ 141,000 per year more than 31 men who had the cold relationship.

The heat of the relationship with his mother continued to be a determining factor, even in adulthood.

In particular, men with "warm" relationship with their mothers, to earn $ 87,000 more per year, much less hurt dementia in middle age and were more effective at work. Warm relationship with his father during childhood were associated with low levels of anxiety, great fun on vacation and higher "life satisfaction" at the age of 75 years.

Original: Businessinsider.com

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