The main secret of the origin of life on Earth is in the "icicles of death"


The mysterious phenomenon of nature, found off the coast of Antarctica, which has been called "icicle of death" may have marked the beginning of life on Earth. That was the conclusion a team of researchers studying the chemical composition of ice stalactites, thereby putting into question the old theory that life on Earth originated in the warm tropical seas.

"Icicle of death" scientists called ice stalactites, because, reaching the bottom of the sea, they kill all living things form a web of ice. Icicles formed, as established professionals, within a fairly short period of time - for a few days. These formations are a certain chemical gardens, composed of frozen seawater, experts say.

Ice stalactite formation occurs when the surface of the ice, breaking through the crust, the flow of cold water to get warmer marine environment. Further, these streams is converted into ice water surrounding them. So, it turns a kind of ice tube that reaches the bottom.

"Life on Earth, as suggested by most scholars to have originated in a warm environment, like the one that prevails in the hydrothermal vents. Now, there is another theory which states that the conditions for the emergence of the earliest forms of life can be observed on the seabed ", - the Daily Mail the scientific findings. According to experts, the formation of ice stalactites can also occur in the oceans some of the other planets. It is in particular on Ganymede and Callisto - Jupiter’s satellites.

The existence of ice stalactites became known in 1960. A group of British scientists succeeded in November 2011 to film them on video and a documentary.

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