The ancient Mayan buildings discovered in Guatemala


The famous pyramids and stone buildings of the Maya were older than previously believed. This conclusion came after U.S. researchers conducting excavations in Guatemala, according to the publication The New Scientist.

In the ancient Maya city Seibal, which is located in the central part of the country, archaeologists have excavated a small pyramid, and several ceremonial structures in the form of a large platform. These buildings were, in all likelihood, a part of the solar observatory. Pyramid, according to the results of the hydrocarbon analysis, was built in about 850 BC, while being in the very basis of the long platform of the temple built in about 1000. BC This indicates that it is as much as 200 years older than the rest of the ancient Mayan monuments.

Meanwhile, the opening of archaeologists from the University of Arizona is a refutation of previous theories that their Mayan culture borrowed from the Olmec, another ancient people, who have dominated Mesoamerica. Build their pyramids Olmec began only in the year 800 BC It was at this time in Mexico was built by the famous Olmec city of La Venta. In other words, the Maya have learned to build the pyramids themselves or borrowed it from a more ancient people.

"Identity of the Mayan culture has long been a topic of hot debate. But now we can say with certainty that either of the Maya civilization is unique and original, or it is the result of cross-cultural exchange. But to say that everything created within it entirely borrowed from the Olmecs, in any case can not "- said Takeshi Inomata, a professor at the University of Arizona.

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