Women feel "hot men" by smell


Women are at the peak of their fertility prefer the smell of men with high testosterone levels in the body, according to a new study.

Ovulation was found to affect the preference for women in the choice of sexual partner. For example, upon the occurrence of fertile period of the menstrual cycle, women are most attracted to men with more masculine features, in a low voice - characteristics associated with the presence of testosterone. Another study shows that women are particularly interested in men with high levels of stress hormones in the body - cortisol, which is involved in the process of strengthening the immune system.

The new research was aimed at studying the sexual preference of women, depending on levels of testosterone and cortisol in the blood of men. For example, men who participated in the experiment had to wear a shirt two days. In this case, they were not allowed to wash heavily scented soap, drinking or smoking, and eating garlic, onions, cheese and other foods with strong odor.

Then the participants were asked to smell shirts men and to communicate their feelings, highlighting the extent to which, the smell is pleasant for them, sexual or saturated, using a scale of estimation from 1 to 10. Women also completed the questionnaire, stating the stage of their menstrual cycle, and information about whether they are using hormonal contraceptives.

The researchers also took saliva analysis on the participants to determine their blood levels of hormones testosterone and cortisol.

Women who were in the most fertile phase of the menstrual cycle, they preferred the smell of men with higher testosterone levels, considering the smell of their shirts, and more enjoyable sex, as shown by the results. Meanwhile, the women did not experience such feelings from the smell of men with high levels of cortisol. Even regardless of the stage of fertility, the ladies are not attracted to the smell of men.

Communication, discovered by scientists between testosterone and a truly odor information contradicts previous research, which was attended by 19 men, not 46 as in the current, which could affect the results of the study.

The smell of a man’s body affects the substance androstenol. In the body, this substance is produced by men than in women. And testosterone levels, as suggested scientists may be associated with generation of these molecules. If this is true, then the reaction of women who participated in the study is quite clear.

If new information is confirmed, scientists will try to identify these odor molecules, and then find out what is their impact on the human sense of smell.

However, whether these molecules are one of the primary sex characteristics in men or only byproduct is not clear.

Original: Livescience.com Translation: M. Potter

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