The secret of happiness lies in wildlife


Wanting to enjoy life, feel good and experience the satisfaction of all, a person has to live next to the gardens, parks and forests and other vegetation.

It greenery surrounding the man’s house, making it a truly happy, calm, optimistic mood. Typically, these people are better constructed in life, they see only positive things in it, getting satisfaction from almost every day we live. These are the details of British scientists from the University of Exeter.

The study included professional monitoring of life, and psychological state of the members of the families of about five thousand and ten thousand single people.

All participants were united by one condition: they have moved to a new place to live during the period 1991-2008 gg. Before moving, they lived near the park and forest areas. They argued that if they felt a lot of happy, satisfied and relaxed than after a change of residence. They have been no mental disorder. Even when the families living near the forest, there were some changes in the financial situation, personal life, they do not affect the well-being and satisfaction of the respondents.

In addition, the British scientists living close to parks and forest areas have equated to a happy marriage. Experts say that the state of a person that is close to nature, similar to the one in which abides in love and happy person. This condition can also be compared with the acquisition of good work and complete satisfaction with professional activities.

This study, scientists believe can help the various organizations in the construction of urban development and planning of new towns.

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