Women prefer men with stubble


Recent scientific research conducted by experts from the University of New South Wales, showed that the fair sex is usually opt for men with a 10-day stubble, throws the spotlight on clean-shaven.

Beard, as the researchers note, made men look more attractive to both women and men, says the publication Nature World News. This external distinguishing feature has been associated, in particular, with good parenting skills for men.

Research participants were 350 heterosexual women and 177 heterosexual men. The volunteers were shown 10 pictures, which depicted the face of boys clean-shaven and with varying degrees of unshaven.

Clean-shaven face women liked the least, while the men liked them more than the face with a light beard.

In addition to photos of the participants were assessed according to the following criteria: health, men’s attractiveness, as well as parenting skills. During the experiment, the researchers were considered factors such as the woman’s menstrual cycle and oral contraceptives because they directly affect the choice of partner.

In an earlier study conducted by British experts in 2008, it was found that in men with stubble women saw ideal partners for short-term and long-term relationships. Beard gave a man with more masculine severity and aggressiveness.

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