The Vatican fresco found on the first image of Indians


Fresco of the first image of Indians, painted by Pinturicchio was discovered by restorers in the apartment of the Borgia family, in the Vatican, reports foreign publishing The Daily Telegraph.

By removing the dirt with frescoes 500 years ago, the restorers have noticed in the background of dancing naked strange people with feathers on their heads. Experts note that this is the first time the image of a European artist Indians.

The artist decided to depict Native Americans, being inspired by the stories of the traveler Christopher Columbus, according to Antonio Paolucci, director of the museum complex. Amazing mural was created two years after the discovery of America.

Although the journey of Columbus was pronsponsirovano Spain, opening explorer has caused a burning interest in the Apennines. Not indifferent to the great discovery of the pontiff and Rodrigo Borgia, the owner of the apartment, where there was painting.

A native of Spain, Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia) interested in the sciences and the various geographic discoveries. There is some information about what coming to Italy, told Columbus discovered America about the people whose bodies were painted with red paint, which gave him a parrot.

It should be noted that the apartment after the death of Pope Borgia remained abandoned for many years, they went on a bad name because of the bad reputation of the family who lived in them, which is suspected of the crime and debauchery. For example, Pope Leo XIII apartments for visitors opened only in 1889. It is currently on display in the collection of numerous religious art of the famous museums of the Vatican.

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