Mysterious spheres discovered in the ancient Mexican temple


Several hundred mysterious spheres have been discovered by researchers at the ancient Temple of the Feathered Serpent, which is a shestiyarusnuyu pyramid, located 50 km south of Mexico City.

Spheres found during archaeological excavations carried out using a special camera-equipped robot in Teotihuacan - one of the most influential pre-Hispanic cities in Central America.

Experts believe that the Mesoamerican ruins of Teotihuacan are one of the major urban centers of the ancient world. Despite the fact that the city was founded about 100 years before Christ, and it lived at the peak of its prosperity at least 100,000 people, for mysterious reasons it left the 700 th AD. e. - Long before the arrival of the Aztecs in the 1300s.

Hundred-meter tunnel that passes under the pyramid temple was the main purpose of the excavation. Passage accidentally discovered in 2003, after a heavy downpour washed away a huge hole at the base of the pyramid.

To investigate the tunnel, purposefully cluttered for unknown reasons by the inhabitants Teotiukana, specialists took several years of planning and a number of preliminary work.

"A few months ago, we finally found two 72-meter-side cameras, which we called the North and South" - says archaeologist Sergio Gomez Chavez, head of the project

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