Center of the Earth desync


A new study by the Australian National University has shown that the Earth’s center of sync with the rest of the planet, often accelerating and decelerating.

Associate Professor Harvey Tkalchik together with his team measured the speed of Earth’s inner core for the last 50 years with the help of duplicate earthquakes.

It was found that the speed of rotation of the core and the mantle (the inner layer, which lies under the bark) of the planet is not only different from each other, but may vary.

"This is the first experimental evidence that the inner core may change speed," - he said.

"We found that, compared with the mantle, the inner core rotates faster than in the 1970s and 1990s, but has slowed in the 1980s. This is the largest increase was recorded in the last few years."

A new method of calculation is based on duplicate earthquakes - nearly identical earthquakes that occur with a break of several weeks to 30-40 years.

"It’s amazing to see that even at 10, 20 or 30 years, these earthquakes are so similar to each other. But every couple has small differences due to the inner core. Based on these small differences we have reconstructed the history of the nucleus in the last 50 years", - reported scientists.

The new method will allow to understand the role of the inner core to create a magnetic field of the Earth, which serves as a shield against cosmic radiation.


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