Mankind is becoming dumber with each generation


With every century people have become less savvy, devoid of creativity. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the UK, analyzing the response speed of modern humans and those who lived in the Victorian era.

As the results of the study, the level of general human intelligence continues to decline steadily. The reaction rate in men in 1889 amounted to 183 milliseconds, whereas in 2000 this fell to 253 milliseconds. A similar trend is observed in women, the rate of perception which over the same period fell from 188 to 261 milliseconds.

As the overseas edition of The Telegraph, diminished reflexes also a sign of lower intelligence quotient (IQ) as a whole. Every decade IQ was reduced by 1.23 points. Since 1880 it has decreased by 14 points.

In the study, the researchers did not compare the level of intelligence from different eras, because the ability of our contemporaries, and in education and medicine, and food is much better than those that were in previous generations. However, the high rate of reaction inherent in the people of the Victorian era indicates that they were more creative and inventive individuals, the researchers note.

"Most likely, decreased intelligence lead back to the indicators, with which at the time of natural selection began early humans" - said Dr. Michael Woodley, author of the study. According to the expert, the poorer the intellect of modern man is referring to natural selection, as today the smart people born children are much less than those with an IQ below average.

"This is a very intriguing study, which is obviously strongly refutes the theory that the people in the last three or four generations have become a lot smarter", - quotes the edition of the Daily Mail, Doctor of Psychology James Thompson. The expert added that the results of the current work force to reflect and require some further research.

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