Disclosed is an authentic recipe for Coca-Cola


A resident of the State of Georgia claims to have found an authentic recipe of the famous fizzy drink Coca-Cola in an old box with papers, which he bought at an auction.

Now Cliff Kluge (Cliff Kluge) is trying to sell the secret formula for a drink on the online auction site eBay for $ 15 million.

The representatives of The Coca-Cola Company, which has for many years kept the composition of soda in the strictest secrecy, said that it might be similar recipe, but not authentic.

Meanwhile Kluge, antiques dealer, told television station WXIA-TV, he found the recipe in 1943 in an old box with personal documents and letters, which he bought at auction. Box with papers belonged to the famous chemist in Georgia.

Kluge suspects that the company Coca-Cola, may have sent a list of ingredients to the chemist, that he has found an alternative to some of the necessary components for a drink with which the manufacturer had difficulties during the war.

"It is not often in life have to face such a find. In this letter, there is also a formula, and the process of brewing, "- said Kluge.

Original recipe cook-Cola in 1886 designed by John Pembertom (John S Pemberton) has long been a subject of controversy. The Coca-Cola Company claims that the beverage continues to keep the recipe a secret. The original tucked away in a vault of the museum "World of Coca-Cola" in Atlanta.

"All I can say about the recipe is that it is similar to a recipe for a popular drink, but I do not think it’s a Coke," said Ted Ryan (Ted Ryan), a historian and archivist of Coca-Cola.

He added that "most likely, this is one of the dozens of formulas that were created over the centuries to emulate the taste of Coca-Cola."

This drink recipe was read on NPR radio in 2011. Its main components were: vanilla, lime juice, lemon oil, orange oil, cinnamon oil, and oil of nutmeg.

Kluge doubt that he will earn millions on them discovered the recipe, however, he believes that several hundred thousand dollars he still be able to help out

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