Warming shifted the geographic poles


Geologists from the University of Texas found that observed during the year of the geographical poles drift caused a rapid melting of the glaciers. In particular, we are talking about the Greenland glacier. Brief description of the study, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, presented in the pages of Nature News.

Conclusions of researchers, an analysis in which experts considered changing the Earth’s gravity, as measured by satellites GRACE. The resulting data is then compared with the data by researchers of global positioning system GPS, allowing up to 0.03 milliarksekund to monitor the situation of the poles.

In drifting poles, as scientists report, it was found systematic change. So, for example, during the observation period from 1982 noted a slight shift north pole about 2 milliarksekundy per year (6 cm on the surface) in the direction of Canada, as the annual rate of displacement since 2005 has increased more than three times, changing its direction . According to the scientists, the North Pole gradually began to lean in the direction of Greenland - east of its usual value.

Tracing the direction of displacement, as the authors note, it is possible to determine the place of weight loss, since the weight loss of one part of a rotating sphere, shifting the axis of rotation at her. Thus, the authors of the study, comparing it with the data of satellites GRACE, have identified the main cause of the systematic shift of the poles - melting glaciers of Greenland.

Geologists have long known such a thing as drift. Experts identify it seasonal cycles triggered by movements of the atmosphere, as well as longer-term bias arising from the movement of tectonic plates. Meanwhile, the data on the melting of glaciers, tend to cause quite contradictory views and opinions of different researchers. The fact that the data are usually obtained by either satellite or by field observation, however different methods of measurement are often inconsistent with one another.

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