Dry water will help in the fight against global warming


It may seem incredible, but scientists have created ’dry water’. In appearance it resembles powdered sugar. This substance can produce a revolution in chemistry.

Each particle of dry water contains a water droplet coated with a layer of silica sand. Therefore, dry water is only 95 per cent of water.

Scientists believe dry water could be used to combat global warming, because it is able to absorb and retain carbon dioxide.

Tests have shown that this substance is three times better than the conventional water absorbing greenhouse gas.

Dry water can also be used for storage of methane, which will extend the potential use of natural gas as an energy source.

Dr. Ben Carter from the University of Liverpool, presented his study of dry water at the 240th national meeting of the American Chemical community in Boston.

He said: "This is a unique phenomenon. Hopefully we will soon see how dry the water stirred up the water."

Doctor Carter demonstrated another application of dry water: as a catalyst, by which was accelerated reaction between hydrogen and maleic acid.

This reaction produced succinic acid, the raw material is widely used in the production of drugs, food ingredients and consumer products.

Hydrogen and maleic acid to stir that the reaction was successful. But this is not necessary when using dry water particles, making the process more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

"If you eliminate the need to stir the chemicals, it saves a significant amount of energy," - said Dr. Carter.

This technology can be used to create a "dry" powder emulsions, consisting of two or more immiscible liquids such as oil and water.

Dry emulsions will secure the process of transporting potentially hazardous fluids. Our news is the key informers, modern life. You are always aware of all the events of your country.

Original: Telegraph

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