Scientists invented the most powerful laser in the world


Todd Ditmayr, a physicist at the University of Texas at Austin, said the invention of the laser is the most powerful on the planet. Its capacity is more than 1 petawatt (1015 watts). Texas Petawatt laser is currently the only such laser power in the United States.

When enabled, the laser has a power output of more than 2000 times greater than the capacity of all power plants in the United States combined. The brightness of the laser above the brightness of the sunlight on the surface of the sun. However, the duration of radiation still reaches only 10-13 seconds.

Ditmayr and his colleagues from the "Texas Center for High-Intensity Laser Science" intend to use the laser to create and study the most extreme environments in the universe, including gases and temperatures, more than the temperature of the sun and solids at pressures of many billions of atmospheres.

This will allow them to explore a miniature set of astronomical phenomena. Scientists will be able to create miniature supernovas and ultra-high-density plasma, simulating exotic stellar objects known as brown dwarfs.

With the help of mathematical equations that describe events, such tiny "lab" facilities will learn more about the major astronomical objects whose nature attracts the attention of scientists worldwide.

Furthermore, such a powerful laser help in finding new ideas for obtaining energy by controlled nuclear fusion. Just for you the most interesting news on the pages of our portal.


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