Robots will become the best football players in 2050


Claude Sammut, a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of New South Wales (Australia), said that in the future a fully autonomous robots will be able to beat the football stars of the game.

Sammut has been involved in the project, called RoboCup, in which robots are programmed to teach them how to play football.

He explained in the journal Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews on cognitive science, the robots had difficulty mastering the control and possession of the ball but it is certain that the day will come when they will be able to demonstrate the skill level that is comparable with the stars of football.

He said: "In 1968, John McCarthy and Donald Michie made a bet with the Scottish chess champion David Levy that within 10 years there will be a computer program that can beat him."

"It took more than 10 years old (almost 30), but in the end, such a program has been established. Such set itself the goal and RoboCup, hoping in 2050 to develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that beat the team that won the World Cup . "

"In order to even come close to achieving this goal, the robots have to learn to feel and act in the most unexpected situations. This will require significant progress in perception, decision-making, training, and team play.

"Given that the robots are composed of hardware and software, will also need to significantly improve the sensors, actuators, batteries and materials in general."

Original: Telegraph

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