Innovation: bandage changes color when infected infection


It’s one of those things that are so obvious that one can only bite your elbows, because it’s so obvious. Researchers from Munich, Germany, invented the indicator dye that changes color if the wound becomes infected.

Researchers from the Institute of modular solid-state technology, said that their dye changes color depending on the pH of the medium. Normal human skin wound healed and have a pH of around 5, but if it is raised to 6.5 or 8.5, then the dye changes color to purple. And this is the reason for concern, because, probably, there was an infection.

Thanks to this intelligent materials, will be available outside regular check wounds without interfering with the healing process.

You can even integrate a bandage optical sensors that provide accurate information about the level of pH, which will allow medical staff very accurately monitor the level of infection.

The Institute is currently looking for a manufacturer who will undertake the mass production of the dye for commercial purposes. Let us hope that the manufacturers of dressings see potential that this dye.

Such a sensor may find application in young children, relieving parents from concerns about the development of infection.

Original: Dvice

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