Russian garden city of the future will be erected in 2020 in the diamond mines


The Russian company has announced plans for the construction of a giant translucent dome in the abandoned diamond mine in Siberia.

The city, named Eco-city 2020 will be built in the diamond career, which is the second largest man-made port in the world, with more than a kilometer in diameter and a depth of 525 meters. It is so great that the air blowing off the bat, could easily suck helicopter. If the project will move the quarry will be completely blocked by a glass dome, to protect the city from the harsh Siberian climate, which is not a mild during most of the year. Solar panels built into the dome, the settlement will provide energy.

Eco-city will consist of several levels, with a giant central part. The main floor will consist of parks and recreation areas, and along the edges of a career, the walls will be located apartment complexes. Spread out on the floor below the vertical woods and farms, the light which will flow through the central part. According to estimates of architects, the city will be able to accommodate about 100 000 inhabitants. This will attract tourists to Eastern Siberia.

What are the chances of implementation of this project a reality? Perhaps they are small, at least in the near future. But such a settlement (on a much smaller scale) would have looked great as a colony in the crater of the moon or Mars.

Original: Dvice

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