Soon technology will start to work on the sugar!


Sony has created an environmentally friendly battery (at this stage, it is a prototype) that runs on sugar. The battery is capable of producing enough electricity to operate, for example, audio player and a pair of tape recorders, - said the Japanese company.

Biobatarei housing made of plastic material of vegetable origin. It has dimensions of 3.9 cm (1.5 inches) on each side, it is a sugar solution which is cleaved by enzymes, thus generating electricity. The prototypes had a capacity of 50 mlVatt - says Sony.

"Sugar - it is a natural energy source produced by plants during photosynthesis - Sony has said in a statement - a product that is reduced and there is virtually everywhere on the planet, so the battery life on the basis of sugar have great potential as an energy source of the future, as there will be be environmentally friendly, safe device. "

Sony said it plans to produce batteries for commercial use, without specifying when.

The company suffered huge losses last year, when there was a return of millions of batteries for laptop computers because of fears that they may catch fire. Only the first news portal tells about the events of the day.


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