Computer viruses will infect humans


Experts at American University Singularity predict that in the future there will be a computer virus capable of infecting humans.

Andrew Hessel, author of the study, says that DNA can already be used as a kind of programming language. On the basis of DNA are already generating basic computational unit. DNA, in fact, is a kind of key to the human body. Breaking DNA, according to scientists, will lead to the creation of computer programs that are able to hit a man.

Scientists are conducting research in the field of synthetic biology, which today is a very young science. It is believed that synthetic biology can significantly speed up the evolutionary process, as will soon be able to create new organisms from modified DNA chains. Dangerous viruses can occur if this process gets out of control scientists.

Of course, computer viruses will not penetrate into the human body itself, since it is not a machine that is connected to the global network. When scientists can manipulate DNA chain, therefore, they will learn to program and, accordingly, viruses and bacteria on action.

Hessel says that DNA is the most powerful language in the world today. Programming is based on DNA, in his opinion, will soon develop space technologies faster and soon anyone can be programmed to take any action. Here, in this case, and will arise the most serious problems since, creating a new lock, humanity immediately comes up with a new key and lock pick.

Learning how to manipulate DNA, there will be people who will want to take possession of the human mind. It was then and there will be a DNA hackers that will force people to carry malware. Technology effect on human DNA of the virus is almost elementary. The virus in the human brain sends certain chemicals that will affect the structure of DNA, and the infected person has samozaprogrammiruetsya on action.

Then the actual scientists will also develop anti-virus, similar to current vaccines, and to avoid being enslaved, the person would have to constantly update your anti-virus database.

Article prepared by Oksana Skripko

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