China tests train at record speeds


China tested the train speed reaches 500 kilometers per hour. According to China Daily, the test speed reached 500 kilometers per hour, which exceeded the previous record of 300 kilometers per hour, which was owned by Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway. Towing capacity of the new train reaches 22,800 kilowatts. For comparison, the power of the previous record holder was 9600 kilowatts.

For its production unused plastic reinforced with carbon fiber. When creating the look, the designers drew inspiration from ancient Chinese swords. This train was made by Sifang Locomotive.

Rail expert from the Institute of Technology of New Jersey in Newark, said that established in China, high-speed trains are not very different from similar systems in other countries. What makes the Chinese system against the other, is the fact that it was created from scratch and reached very high speeds on the canvas stretching for hundreds of kilometers.

China owns the most extensive network of bullet trains in the world. The rapid growth in the industry began in 2006 and continues to this day, thanks to the State promotion. By 2020, the plan to create a network of high-speed trains with a total length 16,000 kilometers, which will connect all the major cities of China.

Engineering of China’s achievements have been overshadowed by some of the problems that were widely covered by the world press. Minister rail, Liu Zhijun was arrested on corruption charges. Later it was reported that the quality of the materials could threaten security. The New York Times said that the concrete base for the paths was no additives which increase the strength, giving rise to the risk of deformation.

After the July accident, which killed 40 people, occurred as a result of a collision between two passenger trains priority for the authorities was security rail.

As a result, the authorities were forced to lower their operating speed of passenger trains from 350 to 300 kilometers per hour from 250 to 200 kilometers per hour, depending on the model.

Similarly, the Chinese authorities have been cautious in their recent press release, adding that these trains will not necessarily be operated at the speeds that were shown.

Original: Physorg

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