Scientists have created an electronic "sixth sense"


The device, created by researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT) can turn any surface into a touch screen, controlled by simple hand gestures.

The device is able to take photos when the user mark the boundaries of his hands to shoot, or to design a clock face with the current time on a wrist if the user delineate a small circle with your finger there.

Wizards of the Massachusetts Institute of webcams assembled device, projector powered by a battery and mobile phone. This gadget can be easily worn around the neck like a necklace. Signals from the camera and projector are transmitted to a smartphone that has access to the Internet. Cost of components futuristic device does not exceed $ 300.

The owner of such technological innovations may well imagine yourself in the place of Tom Cruise in the movie "Minority Report", managing the information projected onto virtually any surface.

The gadget can come in handy during a trip to the store. Electronic "sixth sense" will browse the shelves with goods, receiving from the Internet information about the product and projecting it in front of the user, or to give signals to be unobtrusive, helping to choose the products according to the taste of the owner.

The device can look at a plane ticket and let the user know if he is late for a flight. Or, for example, recognize books in a book store and then design reviews or author information from the Internet on any surface.

This thing can "read" an article in the newspaper, and then find the latest related article or video data on the Web and display them directly on the pages of the newspaper. As an interactive screen, you can use any surface. You can even project the desktop into his palm.

According to scientists, working on this project are ongoing, and much remains to be done. Maybe in ten years, the electronic "sixth sense" will be implanted directly into the brain. Want to be the first to know about the most important - free news ticker, be the first.


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