The inner voice of the person you can now listen


Neuroscientists from the U.S. recently announced that for the first time were able to make significant progress in reading a person’s thoughts and transfer them to a certain distance. Scientists have mastered the method of decoding brainwaves to text. So, now the words spoken by people to himself, can be seen on a computer monitor, as reported by the British news agency BBC.

Scientists from the University of California have found a way to "eavesdrop" inner voice of a person developing a special device that converts brain waves into text and sound. Connecting a plurality of electrodes to certain brain centers rights, in particular responsible for the rumor, researchers using sophisticated electronic processing could hear the phrases, words and sentences that are pronounced the man himself.

The leitmotif of the implementation of such a process has to researchers long known fact that professional musicians recorded video game pianist without sound still "hear" them strums a tune.

Installation, designed by a team of scientists led by Robert Knight, analyzes human brain waves, and then "translates" them into sounds with a special electronic dictionary. Thus, the machine specialists UCLA clearly recognize the sounds according to their mind’s incarnation. An experiment conducted by neurophysiologists, provided by 15 participants. By implantation into the brain of each respondent a plurality of electrodes, they offered to participants to listen to the dialogue or monologue, which lasts about five minutes. At this point, when the scanner researchers observed for brain regions that react to sound.

At the initial stage of the experiment people were asked to listen to only one voice, that device instantly converted to text and sound, according to the indicators of nerve impulses. Although the quality of the "translated" sound far imperfectly, researchers rejoice: they are practically proved that read minds - really. American neuroscientists believe that their discovery will allow patients in a coma or have lost the ability of speech, to communicate easily with their family and friends. In the future, the rapid development of technology will transmit thoughts at a distance by means of special portable devices.

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