Cockroaches and fungi have become material for producing electrical energy


A team of researchers led by Daniel Shersonom of Case Western Reserve University managed to get electrical energy, using as raw material cockroaches. Females species Blaberus discoidalis become an excellent experimental material for scientists.

After studying the chemical reactions characteristic of the female body, they made an incision in her abdomen and found there biobatareyku. The scientists were careful not to disturb the function of vital organs of the experimental insect as energy production was to take place, provided that it will remain alive.

In the information published in the edition of Journal of the American Chemical Society, scientists presented an explanation of how they have successfully completed the experiment of turning a cockroach in the energy source.

The researchers implanted electrodes into the bloodstream of the insect. It should be noted that these insects characterized by an open circulatory system, i.e. the blood is not under constant pressure, as in mammals, thereby being virtually feels no interference.

Thus, one of the two electrodes covered researchers types of enzymes to break down the monosaccharide sugar that cockroaches obtained from food and during this process the electrons. And the second electrode at that time is the conversion of atmospheric oxygen into the water.

"Koda animals eat, I can easily take root in their bloodstream for converting chemical energy into electrical energy," - said Sherson.

The scientists also tested the effect of the new fuel cell plants - shiitake mushrooms, which contain the necessary sugar. It was found that fungi can produce electrical energy.

According to experimental results, the power "biobatareyki" insect was only 55 microwatts per square centimeter in a voltage equal to 0.2 volts. Still, experts can use this energy to work microchips different sensors and microphones.

Production of electrical energy using natural materials such as animals or even the body of man is another step on the road to the researches related to the introduction of artificial living. In the future, the researchers plan to supply power from the body of living creatures the size of miniature medical devices and even entire artificial organs.

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